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  • Sticky Ball for iPad released!

    We are excited to announce our newest app, Sticky Ball, has been released to the app store on December 19th, just in time for the app store bonanza on Christmas. We worked hard on this app and hope you enjoy it. Please give us your feedback and like the app on Facebook as well as following on Twitter (StickyBallApp).

    iPhone version coming soon!

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    Posted by admin under Iphone Apps on Wednesday Aug 25, 2010


    Alarm Clock with Sleep Assist

    Relax Alarm Clock Pro

    To all of our loyal fans and users of Relax Alarm, circumstances beyond our control has resulted in our removing this app from the store.  Unfortunately, changes in OS 5 have caused our app to not function according to its design and intent.

    We sincerely appreciate the downloads and support that we have enjoyed from our customer community and wish you all the best.

    1. Steve Said,

      Just updated to the latest version 5.0, and now it won’t run at all.

    2. nezih Said,

      I am using this application for one year. Just now i have updated the version 5.0 but i cannot open the application. when i try to open it crashes. I think that needs another update and needs different fonts. Thank you. ( i am using iphone 4, ver. 4.2.1)

    3. admin Said,

      We have not seen widespread issues such as crashing upon open. Please delete the app fully from your device, reboot your device, re-download it from the app store (from your phone/device) then try to launch the app.

    4. Doug Said,

      The update to Ver 5.0 does not work. I followed your advice about deleting the app and reinstalling it, and that worked.

      You still need to fix the update so that it is automatic. To help, here is what it did to my phone:

      I am using an iPhone 3G and it only displayed the time and weather icon. It did not display temperature, day, date, info icon, news scroll, ticker.

      It also did not stay on (unlocked), even when plugged in. The alarm still sounded (even when the phone was locked).

      I like this app and we all paid for this app. Please fix the update so that we don’t have to uninstall/reinstall the app ASAP.

    5. Dave Said,

      I let the automatic update run and installed all the updates for all my apps.

      Now Relax Alarm does’nt work at all. I starts up then crashes immediatley returning the phone home screen.

      I have and iPhone 3G running OS 3.1.3

      Please fix this as soon as possible as I have paid for the app.


    6. MobileAppCenter Support Said,

      Everyone, version 5.1 was just approved yesterday. We listened to all of your comments here and in the App Store reviews and we fixed the issues you all reported.

      We also added a few new features just to keep things interesting.

      We apologize for the issues in the first place, but we are human :) . We worked very, very hard to make 5.1 the best, most solid release we have ever had.

      Please let us know if you find any more issues or have any troubles with Relax Alarm Clock Pro. We are listening!


    7. Brucek Said,

      After installation version 5.1. Off application plus alarm – clock.Alarm – clock anyway ring the bell every day.

    8. Kenny Said,

      This is my favorite alarm app. Nothing comes close to it (for me). That’s why I would really appreciate a version for my iPad. I would be glad to pay for an iPad version. I know I can run it on the iPad already, but I would like one specifically made for the iPad. Will this ever happen? Thanks for the neat app.

    9. admin Said,

      Hi Kenny,
      Thank you for the kind words. We’re happy to hear that you are loving Relax Alarm. Unfortunately, we have discontinued development of the app so we will not be release a version for the iPad.
      If this direction changes for any reason, we will be sure to post it here.

      Thanks again!

    10. Tim Said,

      Soooo, this app is broken in iOS 5. When the alarm goes off, the app shuts down. The above comment that you are no longer developing this app makes it sound like this will soon be removed from my phone. Where shall I send my request for a refund?

    11. Bill Mount Said,

      I love this app and have used it for several years on my iPhone. I installed it on my iPad and it seemed to work fine. But I just upgraded the iOS on both devices and now the app doesn’t work; it won’t alarm.

      I read the support site touting the new 5.1 version, but I can’t find it in the app store.

      I’m bereft! I want my Relax Alarm back. I miss Birds In The City.

      Thanks for any help you can provide.

    12. admin Said,

      We are working on a solution and it should be up on the app store soon.
      Regarding refund… You can send your request to Apple, Inc. They frequently release new OS versions that break apps. We are working quickly to fix the app so it works with the new OS.
      Thanks for using Relax Alarm!

    13. John Kennedy Said,

      I also am a fan and user for years. I’ve owned just about every alarm clock app, and Relax Alarm Clock Pro is the most beautiful graphically and has just the right features.

      Can you give me an estimate on when the fix will be available for ios5, and the best way to get notified?

      Thanks for a wonderful product!

    14. David Said,

      Is this app going to get updated.? I see it’s been pulled from the app store!

    15. Gytis Said,

      Sorry, I don’t see the dates of comments, so have no idea on the discussion time frame. I think it’s wrong if you are going to discontinue support for this app as it is damn good – I was using it daily for more than an year and I think many people like me likes it. I hope you will manage at least to make it work on iOS5. I have Relax Alarm Clock Pro 5.1 version and wonder if it will update automatically? It’s strange but I can’t find it on the app store (maybe it’s because I swithed from US to Lithuanian store recently?), so I’m afraid it might not be possible to delete and install it manually:( Would be grate to receive an advise from developers.

    16. admin Said,

      To all of our loyal fans and users of Relax Alarm, circumstances beyond our control has resulted in our removing this app from the store. Unfortunately, changes in OS 5 have caused our app to not function according to its design and intent.
      We sincerely appreciate the downloads and support that we have enjoyed from our customer community and wish you all the best.

    17. Gytis Said,

      it’s a pitty, I still using it and it works in most cases (something has changed recently and stability growned up from ~10% to 95%), but I always setting up a native iPhone backup allarm 5min later :) Hope you will change your mind.

    18. Laura Said,

      I also have used your relax alarm app ever since I got my iPad nearly 2 years ago. I’ve tried other apps, but none of them are as nice or work as well as this one!

      I would like to upgrade my IOS, but wanted to make sure I would still be able to use this app before I did any upgrades.

      Can you tell me what is the last OS version for iPad that Relax Alarm will work with seamlessly?

      Also, can you tell me why you will not continue to try and fix the app to work with the current system upgrades? I would be very happy to pay for the app and upgrades as I’m sure would many others who have enjoyed this app. The fact that there are those of us who will not even upgrade because we will lose our beloved clock, alarm and sound machine is testament to what a killer and important app this has become for so many users!!!!

      That you for this wonderful iPad app. I look forward to hearing from you!


    19. Michi Said,

      For Real? U r just GIVING up? Come on guys!

    20. Mike Said,

      Sorry that you removed this app. I e-mailed support because my clock had stopped working, but now I see why.

      I have used several alarm clock apps; yours was by far my favorite and I haven’t found anything else that comes close.

      If there is any way you can re-engineer the app in the future, let us know.

    21. Joe Said,

      I’ve been using this since day 1. It’s been working on my phone iOS 5.1. I was trying to find it for a friend and that’s what led me to this sad bit of information. It’s really too bad.

    22. admin Said,

      You guys are awesome. Thanks for the great comments. We will continue to review the situation and put the product back on the store if we can make it stable and work without error.
      Are you using another product that is alarming properly?

    23. Bill Said,

      Alarms are easy to find – I want the nice sounds of your app and the soothing nap timer or lullaby value. Please consider just making a timed slumber mode app to get the best of your App back – we can all use the standard clock to wake back up in the morning but want to go to sleep to your App!

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